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Mailing address:
Boise City Utility Billing Services
PO Box 500
Boise, ID 83701

Phone: 208-608-7460
TTY: 1-800-377-3529

Residential Customers:

Commercial Customers:

  • To start or stop trash and recycling services, Call Republic Services at 208-345-1266.

  • To start or stop sewer service, Call Utility Billing Services at 208-608-7460.

Other services for which we bill:

Geothermal Heat
  • Contact the Geothermal Program Coordinator at 208-608-7173 with questions regarding the Geothermal Heating District (downtown core area)

  • Contact the Boise Warm Springs Water District at 208-342-3162 with questions regarding residential usage in the Warm Springs area.
Pressure Irrigation

We provide service to Linshire, Whidbey Place, Darien, Steamboat, Bradford Manor, Graystone, Graystone #2, Palm Court, and Ashbrook subdivisions. If you live in another subdivision and have pressure irrigation, please contact your local irrigation district for more information.

Business Improvement District

Contact the Downtown Boise Association at 208-385-7300 for more information.