Rate Increase Information

Former Bench Sewer District Customers

Per the Bench Sewer District merger agreement, rates for former Bench customers are gradually merging with Boise rates over a five-year period. The is the fourth year of that process. Visit our Rates page for more information.

What is the rate increase?

Effective October 1, 2018, customers will see a 9% increase in their water renewal (sewer) bill. To see how rates are calculated, visit our Rates page for more information.

Why are rates increasing? The two facilities that collect, treat and clean our city’s used water are aging and upgrades are needed for these key reasons:

  • Regulatory Requirements
    Meet and exceed increased federal and state water quality regulations.

  • Ongoing Reliability
    Operational upgrades ensure the collection system continues to run efficiently.

  • Public and Environmental Health
    Protect the Boise River for current and future generations.

Even with this rate increase, the rates of Boise residents remain competitive among Treasure Valley neighbors, and much lower regionally.

Water renewal rate comparison

Will there be future rate increases?

  • While the City of Boise does everything possible to keep customers rates low, rate increases are sometimes necessary to continue to meet regulatory requirements, update infrastructure and processes, and continue to place the highest precedent on health, safety, and the environment. 
  • Every year, the Water Renewal Fund analyzes current and future revenue and expenses, and balances the two so the same high level of service can be maintained.
  • Any rate increase above 5% requires a public hearing.  Any future public hearings will be published in the Idaho Statesman, and open to all citizens for comment.  All information on past and future public hearings can be found online as well:  http://citycouncil.cityofboise.org/